30 years of undefeated success in Okanagan

Pier Mac Sand & Gravel is family owned and operated.

We have been supplying landscapers, road construction companies and developers with  with landscape rock, aggregate,gravel and sand for over 30 years.



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Pier Mac Sand & Gravel for washed rock products.

Feature Landscape Boulder Rock makes a statement and enhances your garden.

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Pier Mac Sand & Gravel

Pier Mac Sand & Gravel, has been in business for more than 30 years and is a prominent supplier of aggregate and landscape rock in the Okanagan. We provide in excess of 200,000 metric tonnes of aggregate and landscape rock per year to the local market place.

Pier Mac provides specialized products for municipalities, road building, underground servicing and to the ever expanding Kelowna International Airport. 

Pier Mac has created numerous products for landscapers and specialized sand for golf courses. Pink shale, blue granite, brown granite and now black rock are prominent landscape products in the Okanagan.


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Client's Love


Marc Fex (CQR)Marc Fex (CQR)
14:35 01 Jul 23
Great service and top notch product!
Ryley HerzogRyley Herzog
20:00 28 Jun 23
Incredibly polite staff. Great selection
Paul Andrew RossiPaul Andrew Rossi
01:18 16 Jun 23
Very nice selectionGreat assortment of aggregate
LingLing KLingLing K
17:08 12 Feb 23
23:03 03 Nov 22
Nice gal at the scale. Had what I needed at a decent price.
G QuencoG Quenco
00:22 05 Jul 20
You should try working there it is a disaster the foreman will ask you to do one thing and the owner comes along and gives you hell and the foreman never backs you if you take a coffee or a lunch break the owner is mad.It is a real cut throat place.
Mountain HighMountain High
20:07 11 Jul 19
Ordered two loads of topsoil from this place and found it was contaminated with asphalt and large balls of unknown compacted material. People are not nice at this facility...laughed at us when we complained, didn't return phone calls and have ignored our request to come and take this excuse for topsoil away. NOT NICE PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH!
Tim LalorTim Lalor
16:49 06 Nov 16
Very helpful, can load into a pickup (take a blanket for the tailgate) done on weight.You can also borrow one of their shovels and load yourself.Great prices. Lots of different grades in stones and types of soil.Payment is cheque or cash only.